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Founder Speech

In the coming years, I saw the expected growth progress for the Group as a worldwide specialist environmental multi consulting business. Significant growth continued to be delivered from the strategic goal of combining organic growth in strong economies complemented by carefully targeted bolt-on acquisitions in niche markets. During the year, considerable progress was achieved in cross-selling expertise from our business associates by continuing to develop new technical disciplines into the platform. The key focus was on delivering strategic hires, high standard clients serving successfully developing group values and vision master service agreements and pursuing multi-service initiatives to raise the Group’s profile in the sector, all identified as the drivers for medium and long-term growth across the Group of Aakashaya Patra. Despite the costs associated with such investments that would largely benefit in future years, I am very pleased that the Group delivered further growth in profits in coming years, once again taking the performance to record levels. Aakashaya Patra is developed as a Consultancy Firm that can help individuals, ORGANIZATIONS, including Corporate, to face a growing competition and increase their level of PROFITABILITY and productivity in a sustainable manner.